renewal laser tattoo removal

renewal laser tattoo removal

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renewal laser tattoo removal

What is the PicoWay® Laser?
The PicoWay® is a cutting-edge new method of laser tattoo removal that removes tattoos more completely, quickly, and comfortably than any other laser technique available today. In the past, removing tattoos with laser tattoo removal treatments has proven to be difficult because of the depth and color of the ink that is sometimes used in the tattoo. But with the PicoWay®, patients can remove tattoos of all colors, sizes, and pigmentation depths with only minimal discomfort and downtime.

How does it Work?
Tattoos are created by injecting different pigments deep into the skin using a tattoo gun. Laser tattoo removal works by using heat to break up these pigments, allowing them to be naturally absorbed and disposed of by the body. Traditional laser tattoo removal methods deliver this laser energy to the pigment in a constant, steady beam. This heats up the skin quickly, making treatment painful and often damaging to the skin.

With the PicoWay® laser, heat is delivered to the patient’s desired treatment area in ultra-short pulses — each of these bursts is measured in a unit of time called a picosecond. One picosecond is equal to one trillionth of a second. These ultra-fast bursts have a photo-acoustic effect on the tattoo’s pigments, breaking them up quickly and completely. The intensity of this energy breaks up even the smallest of tattoo pigments, ensuring that patients are able to have their tattoos entirely removed after a series of treatment sessions.

What are the Benefits of the PicoWay® Laser?
The PicoWay® Laser has a number of unique benefits that separate it from similar methods of tattoo removal. These include:

Fewer treatments
Faster results
Minimized risk and side effects



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Tattoo Removal
Laser tattoo removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that is safe, effective, and only takes only minutes to perform.

Have you ever seen an old tattoo that is partially faded? Tattoos naturally fade over time because the body’s immune system recognizes that tattoo ink is a foreign substance and tries to remove ink particles.

Laser tattoo removal speeds up the natural process by shattering tattoo ink into smaller pieces that flush away more easily.
Tattoo ink is trapped in the deepest layer of the skin. When tattoos are applied, ink particles are inserted with a needle into varying depths of this bottom layer.

When tattoo removal laser light is applied to the skin, it heats up and shatters the ink that it reaches first within the skin. In other words, the shallowest layers of ink are removed before the deepest layers.

It takes multiple treatments to penetrate through all of the varying depths of ink in a tattoo. If a tattoo is particularly dark or bold, it will require more treatments to remove the ink compared to shaded tattoos with a lower density of ink.

Finally a REAL solution for your unwanted ink.
We consider tattoo removal an art that demands the most precise laser instruments available. After a detailed evaluation of the skin and tattoo, we make a comprehensive, customized treatment plan that aims to provide safe, scar-free, and complete removal of the tattoo. Using both the revolutionary Picosure technology and gold standard Q-switched technology, we can address a full spectrum of tattoo colors and shapes. It’s important to remember that there are many factors that are considered that effect your treatment plan and that individual results may vary.

Renewal is the first in the Raleigh-Durham area to adopt the FDA-approved Picosure laser tattoo removal system.
Why Consider Laser Tattoo Removal?
Maybe you’ve tried topical creams only to find out that they’re ineffective and simply bleach the skin. Maybe you find dermabrasion or excision to be too drastic and harsh a solution. Either way, you’ve probably been searching for the perfect way to remove, fade, or alter your tattoo. With Renew MediSpa’s powerful laser systems, you can finally treat your tattoo without a long recovery period and without harming your skin.

Are you worried that your tattoo might not be receptive to laser tattoo removal? Considering the infinite amount of different designs out there, not all laser systems are capable enough to treat every tattoo. Renew MediSpa is proud to use two laser systems that are considered gold standards in the world of tattoo removal: the Astanza Trinity Lasers and Cutera Enlighten III Laser. The Astanza Trinity Laser System is composed of two nanosecond lasers: The Duality and the Eternity. The cutting-edge Cutera Enlighten III offers two different pulse durations: nanosecond and picosecond, making it one of the fastest laser systems in the industry.

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